Adverse Events
Projects focused on developing an understanding of the causes and management of adverse events

Non-Technical Skills
Projects that examine the cognitive and social skills used at an operational level to complement technical skills

Organizational Factors
Projects that examine aspects of organizational culture, such as safety climate or leadership

Pharmacist dispensing error
Dr A. Irwin (AU)

Surgeons' decision-making
Dr L. Mitchell (AU)

Safety Leadership
Ward managers’ safety leadership
Dr C. Sarac (AU)

Primary care
Automated measures for medication safety
J. Jeanblanc (DU)

Paramedics' non-technical skills
A. Shields (MSc Project) (AU)


Difficult Airway
Management of difficult airways
Prof R. Flin (AU)

Anaesthetic Assistants
Anaesthetic assistants' non-technical skills
J. Rutherford (PhD) (AU)



Ophthalmic Surgery
Ophthalmic surgeons' non-technical skills
J. Wilkinson (MSc Project) (AU)


Completed Projects Completed Projects Completed Projects

Analysis of the surgical system
Dr S. Yule (AU)

Surgeons' intra-operative leadership
Dr S. Parker (PhD) (AU)

Safety leadership
Management safety walkrounds
Dr J. Jackson (AU)

Evaluation of interventions to improve management of sepsis
Dr C. Marwick (PhD) (DU)

Handover strategies out of the operating theatre
Prof T. Manser (Fribourg)

Hospital Safety Climate
Safety culture in Scottish acute hospitals
Dr C. Sarac (PhD) (AU)

Diagnostic fixation errors in pathology
Dr E. Fioratou (AU)

Doctors’ shift handovers in acute medical settings
M. Raduma-Thomas (PhD) (AU)

Organizational learning
Human and organizational factors
Prof H. Davies (DU) (StA)

Safety and Quality in Healthcare
Ethnographic analysis
T. Junghans (PhD) (StA)

Intensive Care Unit
Doctors' leadership in the ICU
Dr T. Reader (AU)


Adverse Events
Adverse events in primary care
Prof P. Davey (DU)

Anaesthetists’ intra-operative cognition
Dr E. Fioratou (AU)


Scrub Practitioners
Scrub practitioners' non-technical skills
Dr L. Mitchell (PhD) (AU)