Network Leaders

Professor Rhona Flin ( )
Director of the Industrial Psychology Research Centre
Director of the Patient Safety Research Group, University of Aberdeen

Professor Huw Davies (
Director of the Social Dimensions of Health Institute

Professor Peter Davey (
Director of External Relations at the Health Informatics Centre

Network Administrator

Wendy Booth (

Research Staff

Surgeons' intra-operative decision-making
Dr Lucy Mitchell (

Medication Safety in pharmacy
Dr Amy Irwin (

Ward managers safety leadership
Dr Cakil Sarac (

Jill Wilkinson (

Interventions to improve hospital acquired sepsis
Dr Charis Marwick (

Jill Jeanblanc (

Network Members

Michelle Beattie (

Dr Kathryn Charles (

Dr Rona Patey (

Professor Kevin Rooney (

Professor Aziz Sheikh (

Dr Margaret Watson (

PhD Students

Organisational learning and patient safety
Trenholme Junghans (

Anaesthetic assistants' non-technical skills
Dr John Rutherford, University of Aberdeen

MSc Students

Paramedics' non-technical skills
Al Shields, University of Aberdeen